I’m so excited! Our local newspaper, the Gravestone Gazette, has hired me as an intern. They held an essay contest, and my entry won. Titled “Canoe Safety – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” I won First Place for originality.

Anyway, my very first assignment was to interview Mr. Myrton J. Peck, the newly elected mayor of Gravestone. I have posted it below.


Our newest reporter, high school sophomore Gabrielle Essa, has joined our team for the summer. Below is her insightful interview with Myrton J. Peck, Gravestone’s newly elected mayor. – Editor

GE: Mr. Peck, it is such an honor to meet you. To what do you attribute your landslide win in the mayoral election?

MJP: Well, showin’ up at the fund raisin’ barbeques with a shirt on didn’t hurt none. And stayin’ out of the jailhouse for nearly a year put a positive spin on my reputation.

GE:  What are your favorite hobbies?

MJP: Okie noodling, frog giggin’, squirrel chasin’. Heh heh.

GE: What exactly is Okie noodling?

MJP: It’s where ya catch a catfish with yore bare hands. I love it. I’ll noodle til I die.

GE: What is your favorite color?

MJP: Green.

GE: Same color as your teeth. Who would you say is your role model?

MJP: Well, that’s a no brainer. Larry the Cable Guy.

GE: Where did you receive your education?

MJP: Up to 8th grade, here at the high school.

GE: Do you have any children?

MJP: Not shore.

GE: What about a favorite pet?

MJP: That’s easy. Cleo, my pet pig. And then I got a coupla snakes.

GE: And what is your favorite thing about living here in Gravestone?

MJP: All the friendly folks. And of course, the dewberry pie chased with a nice, cold six pack, over at the Hamburger King.

GE: Thank you for your time, and we wish you a successful term.

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