Daddy and his first cousin, Mitch, drove all the way to the Tulsa International Airport to pick up some of our relatives from Lebanon. It’s kind of funny to use “Tulsa” and “International” in the same sentence. Daddy and Mitch returned late, smelling kind of funny, the way they smell on Poker Night at the Hamburger King.

My cousins have flown all the way to Oklahoma to attend our bi-annual Essa Easter family reunion. Although many of them grew up in London, Paris, and New York as well as Beirut, for some reason they love to come to Gravestone. Guess it’s that tribal instinct that bonds us together. We all eat, dance and catch up on the latest family gossip, which usually involves sexual scandal, shady financial shenanigans and such.

My very most favorite aunt, Roula, is the one I most look forward to seeing. Even though I wish I looked like the tall, leggy, WASP models I see in the fashion magazines, I have to confess that Roula is beautiful on the inside and out. Reduced nose, enhanced and lifted breasts, and other things I’m sure she has not even told me about, make her “vedddyyy sexxxxxy.” Plus she can drive, so we go out boy hunting together, with the promise that we’ll only kiss them and then throw them away.

Because half of my family is Catholic and half is Eastern Orthodox, we have TWO Easter dates. They’ll all be here for AT LEAST two weeks, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of stories to report.

Gotta run now. Time for dying the first batch of Easter eggs.

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